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تأثير البوتاسيوم النانومترى على نمو وإنتاجية الفراولة.

فضل هاشم، 2023


Under sandy soil conditions, increasing the efficiency of potassium (K) fertilizers is considered to be a major limiting factor for improving the productivity and quality of fruit crops. In this context, utilizing nanotechnology has emerged as a novel technique to increase the efficiency of K applications. In our study, two field trials were conducted, in two consecutive seasons (2019/2020 and 2020/2021), to compare the effects of nano-chitosan loaded with K as a foliar treatment with those of conventional soil applications of K on plant growth, yield, and quality of strawberry plants grown in sandy soil. Strawberry plants were treated with 12 different treatments, which were replicated three times in a randomized complete block design in each growing season. Potassium sulfate (K2SO4, 48% K2O) was applied to the soil at a rate of 150.0 kg acre?1 (recommended rate, 100%). Meanwhile, the spraying of nano-chitosan loaded with K was applied at 1000 mg L?1 as a control. In addition, K2SO4 was applied either individually or in combination at the rate of 112.5 or 75.0 kg acre?1 with four nano-chitosan-K dosages (250, 500, 750, and 1000 mg L?1). After harvesting, soil samples were collected and prepared to determine K fractions. As well, plant samples were collected to determine the vegetative growth parameters and the foliage content of NPK and chlorophyll. Eventually, the yield traits and quality parameters were evaluated. A principal component analysis was conducted to determine the interrelationships of the treatments’ averages and their effects on yield components and quality traits. A combined analysis was performed for the two studied seasons and the values were the mean of six replications. The results indicated that the application of common K fertilizer (150.0 kg K2SO4 acre?1) resulted in the maximum increase in soluble and exchangeable K in the soil, which was comparable to those observed with 112.5 kg K2SO4 acre?1 + 1000 mg L?1 nano-chitosan-K and 112.5 K2SO4 acre?1 + 750 mg L?1 nano-chitosan-K. The total yield, marketable yield, and fruit firmness were all significantly increased by the latter two treatments compared to the control group. Furthermore, plots treated with 112.5 kg K2SO4 acre?1 + 1000 mg L?1 nano-chitosan-K significantly increased the total soluble solids, vitamin C levels, acidity, total sugar, and anthocyanin levels in strawberry fruits. In conclusion, under sandy soil conditions, the utilization of nanoparticles could be an indispensable tool for manipulating fertilization management when cultivating strawberries. The K status of the soil was improved by applying 75% of the recommended dose of mineral K in combination with 1000 or 750 mg L?1 of nano-chitosan-K, without compromising strawberry yield or quality.

تحليل اقتصادي لأثر الظروف المناخية على إنتاجية محاصيل المانجو في مصر باستخدام نماذج البيانات

علاء خليل، بلال عبد الحميد، محمد فهيم، رانيا طلبه، 2023


Horizontal agricultural expansion is one of the most important pillars of
the national economy in Egypt, so the country makes strenuous efforts
to make optimal use of agricultural resources, and despite these efforts,
the climate prevents it
.Recently, global warming has increased and
climate change is expected to worsen the frequency, intensity, and
impacts of some types of extreme weather events that affected mango
productivity during the last years, which led to a decrease in
productivity by about 37%, with a value of financial losses amounting
to 4.8 billion pounds in 2021.Therefore, the research aims to estimate
the impact of extreme weather on mango productivity during the last
three years (2021-2019) at four studied governorates representing 75%
of the total area of mango in Egypt. The Fixed Effect Cross of Panel
Data Model was adopted as the appropriate model, to illustrate the
impact of the phenomena on the productivity of mangoes. The results
show that there is a statistical significance and a negative effect for both
the minimum and maximum temperatures, as productivity decreases by
about 1.05%, and 1.79% with an increase in each of the minimum and
maximum temperatures by 1%, respectively. The negative impact has
been shown on the governorates of Buhaira and Ismailia. Also, the
individual effect was studied for each month,it was found that there was
a statistically significant negative effect of the minimum and maximum
temperatures for the months of flowering and fruiting.

Effectiveness of Pitfall Trap Colors in Monitoring Adults of Blister Beetle Meloe proscarabaeus Linnaeus, 1758 (Coleoptera: Meloidae) in Faba Bean Fields at El-Farafra Oasis Egypt

احمد القناوى، 2023


The blister beetles Meloe proscarabaeus Linnaeus, 1758 (Coleoptera: Meloidae), is a
dangerous pest that threatens the agriculture of faba bean fields in El-Farafra Oasis,
New Valley Governorate. In this study, an evaluation of the efficiency of different
pit-fall trap colors for capturing adults of the blister beetles has been performed in
faba bean (Vicia faba L.) fields. The experiment revealed that the green and red
traps showed the highest number of captured beetles during the 2020 and 2021
seasons, which was highly significant to other traps’ colors. On the other hand,
black, blue, gray, white, and yellow traps showed insignificant differences in the
number of captured beetles. Concerning the sex of trapped beetles; it could be
highlighted that the green trap attracted more female beetles than males with
significant differences. Inversely, the red color trap attracted more males than
females with significant differences. Approximately 40% of the captured beetle
population was recorded in March, while only 11% were trapped in April. A Green
pit-fall trap could be deemed a new estimating assay to suppress M. proscarabaeus
adults in faba bean fields since the color trap variation affected the number of
captured beetles. Therefore, color traps can be relied upon as an effective method
in controlling beetles without the number of beetles reaching the limit of economic
damage and in a manner that is safe for the environment.

المقارنة بين مستوى الماء وغطاء التربة، المواد المتعلقة بالنمو والإنتاجية وكفاءة استخدام المياه للفلفل الحار

محمد احمد، فضل هاشم، 2023


Two field experiments were conducted during the two successive winter seasons of 2020-2021 and 2021-
2022 on the experimental farm belonging to the Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate, Agricultural
Research Center, Giza Governorate, and Egypt. The study comprised three irrigation levels (50, 75, and 100%
of estimated water requirement based on climatic data) and four soil cover treatments namely transparent
polyethylene mulch (PE), rice straw (RS), date palm fiber wastes (DPf) and control (bare soil). Hot pepper
seeds (Capsicum annuum L.), Super Noura F1 hybrid. Hot pepper transplants were cultivated in the field in
the first week of September for both seasons. The main results show that using 100% water level led to
increased vegetative and yield of hot pepper during both seasons followed by using 75% while deficit
irrigation gave the lowest hot pepper growth and yield. Using 75% water level gave the highest water use
efficiency. Using PE mulch led to increasing the soil temperature during the growth season followed by rice
straw mulch whereas the date palm fiber wastes mulch decrease soil temperature during both seasons.
Moreover, PE treatment led to an increase in the growth and yield of hot pepper during both seasons. Control
treatment combined with a 50% water level decreased the growth and productivity of hot pepper during the
two seasons.

نظام للتعرف على الديدان الخيطية الممرضة للحشرات

سهير اللقوة، احمد عزازى، سوزان اللقوة، عبدالرحمن محمد عبدالرحمن، 2023


الإنتاج الزراعي بوفرة ضرورى لتحقيق اللأمن الغذائي.وبالتالي من المهم زيادة إنتاجية المحاصيل مع تقليل الفاقد والخسائر إلى أدنى حد. تسبب الحشرات خسائر اقتصادية كبيرة.لذا يجب مكافحتها. من وسائل المكافحة الحيوية النيماتودا الممرضة للحشرات (EPNs) وهى بدائل للمبيدات الكيميائية لمكافحة الحشرات. إن تحديد نوع EPNs ليس بالمهمة السهلة. وبالتالي، هناك حاجة لادة للمساعدة فى تحديد نوع النيماتودا الممرضة للحشرات. في هذه الورقة، نحن نقدم طريقة لتطوير نظام لتحديد نوع EPNs حسب صفاتها المورفومترية. استخدمنا لغة (OWL) لبناء أنطولوجيا EPNs لتوصيف الأنواع وتمثيل المعلومات الدلالية الخاصة بها. تم تنفيذ النظام المقترح كتطبيق للهاتف المحمول الذي يستخرج ويستعيد بيانات EPNs من الانطولوجى. فإنه يعرض تفاصيل أنواع Heterorhabditis و Steinernema .
استخدمنا تقنيات البحث عن التشابه مثل تشابه جيب التمام والمسافة الإقليدية لمقارنة أنواع EPNs المختلفة وتحديد الأنواع المماثلة على أساس خصائص المظهر. النتائج تشير إلى قدرة النظام المقترح على التعرف على أنواع EPNs المعروفة وهذا يساعد على التعرف على الأنواع المشابهة.

منهجيه مبنيه على DenseNet لتشخيص أمراض النبات

محمود محمد احمد، مريم حزمان، 2022


مجموعة بيانات عربية للرد الألى على مشاكل المزارعين نحو تطوير روبوت المحادثة

سوزان اللقوة، عبدالرحمن محمد عبدالرحمن، 2022


روبوت المحادثة هو تطبيق للذكاء الاصطناعي في معالجة اللغة الطبيعية والتعرف على الكلام. إنه برنامج كمبيوتر يقلد البشر في إجراء محادثات مع أشخاص آخرين. تُعرف روبوتات الدردشة المتخصصة في موضوع واحد ، مثل الزراعة ، باسم روبوتات المحادثة الخاصة بالمجال. فى هذه البحث ، نقدم مجموعة بيانات لنوايا المزارعين. تحديد النية هو الخطوة الأولى في بناء روبوت الدردشة.
تتضمن مجموعة البيانات خمسة أهداف (تحديد الآفات أو الأمراض ، الري ، التسميد ، تحديد الأعشاب الضارة وتاريخ الزراعة). تتضمن مجموعة البيانات 720 سجل. استخدمنا تعلم الآلة الشيكات العصبية MLP لتصنيف النية. لقد جربنا أعدادًا مختلفة من الخلايا العصبية لكل طبقة مخفية و قارنا بين زيادة عدد الخلايا العصبية مع العدد الثابت لكل البيانات (Epoch). تظهر النتيجة أنه كلما زاد عدد الخلايا العصبية في الطبقات المخفية ، فإن MLP الذي تم استخدامه يحقق دقة عالية في عدد قليل منEpochs . يحقق MLP دقة تصل إلى 97? على مجموعة البيانات المقدمة عندما يكون عدد ملفات الخلايا العصبية في كل طبقة مخفية هو 256 وعدد Epochs هو 10.

إطار لنظام دعم القرار الذكي للتنبؤ بالحشرات

ايمن محمد عبد الدايم، مريم حزمان، 2022


استخدام نهج تتابع التسلسل الجينى فى نخيل البلح

أشرف هندام، أحمد احمد الصادق، 2022


Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) is related to the family Arecaceae, which is considered one of the most ancient economically cultivated crops. Mainly, it is grown in the arid regions of the Middle East and North Africa. The crucial matter in maintaining the diverse number of date palm cultivars in Egypt is its biodiversity conservation of it. In order to progress programs and cultivar characterization and conservation to combat genetic erosion, we must estimate the genetic variability and right date palm cultivar identification this is the important point to present a comprehensive investigation for Egyptian date palm genome variations and develop novel DNA markers (SNPs and indels) in four date palm cultivars using SOLiD sequencing.

المحاكاة الديناميكية الجزيئية لطفرات Neurexin1? المرتبطة بالاضطراب العقلي

أحمد احمد الصادق، أشرف هندام، 2022


Neurexin1 gene is essential for formulating synaptic cell adhesion to establish synapses. In a previous work, 38 SNPs in Neurexin1 recoded in mental disorder patients have been collected. Five computational prediction tools have been used to predict the effect of SNPs on protein function and stability. Only four SNPs in Neurexin1? have deleterious prediction results from at least four tools. The current work aims to use molecular dynamic simulation (MD) to study the effects of the four mutations on Neurexin1? both on the whole protein as well as identifying affected domains by mutations. A protein model that consists of five domains out of six domains in the real protein was used; missing residues were added, and model was tested for quality. The MD experiment has last for 1.5 ?s where four parameters have been used for studying the whole protein in addition to three more parameters for the domain analysis. The whole protein study has shown that two mutations E427I for Autism and R525C for non-syndromic intellectual disability (NSID) have distinctive behavior across the four used parameters. Domain study has confirmed the previous results where the five domains of R525C have acted differently from wild type (WT), while E427I has acted differently for four domains from wild type. The other two mutations D104H and G379E have three domains that only acted differently from wild type. The fourth domain of all mutations has an obvious distinctive behavior from wild type. Further study of E427I and R525C mutations can lead to better understanding of autism and NSID.