Master Thesis      [Total: 1 ]

Economical and Environmental Impacts of Soilless Roof Garden Technique for Some Vegetable Crops Production

Mohamed Mohamed Heggi, 2005



Roof garden technologies entering Egypt newly. These type of cultivation has high positive response from huge families in Cairo and Alexandria. The economical, social and environmental benefits of this technologies as followings:-

1. Economical effects:

Roof garden crops as strawberry, lettuce, tomato, red cabbage, rocket, spinach and gewmallow have high economical revenues. Revenues for poor families were very important as additional revenues; however the rich families had identity for feeding crops. Rich families added shade and ornamental crops as a roof garden crops in their cultivation.
Substrates, hydroponics, aeroponics system have been applied. The best system was substrate system as high economical revenue with crops (i.e. strawberry, lettuce and gewmallow).

2. Social effects:

The roof garden was high positive response of solving the unemployment problem. Because the technique is a small and simple technologies and did not need high facilities or high costs and has not futuristic risks.

3. Environmental and climatic modification effects:

The roof garden technology was high positive effects on environment and climate modification. 90% from joint families who applied roof garden technology (96 families) in Cairo and Alex. voted about good side of environment and climate in followings:
1- Decreasing roof temperature.
2- Getting rid of sold wastes on roof.
3- Air modification with improving air quality (increases O2 and decrease CO2).
4- Decreasing insects spread and fire risks.