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Abstract Book 2013-2015

Ashraf Mohamed Khalil, Mahmoud Kamhawy, 2016


The administration of the Plant Pathology Research
Institute acknowledge all the persons involved in preparing
the 2013 : 2015 abstract book who without their support it
would not have become a reality.
Thanks are also due to the authors and heads of Plant
Pathology Research Departments for their contributions and
expertise in collecting the abstracts of this book. Our gratitude
is to all members of the plant pathology research institute who
gave their time and effort throughout the process of preparing
this abstract book.
Special thanks, of the administration, are to Prof. Dr.
Salah Mohamed Abdel Momen, the former minister of
agriculture, Prof. Dr. Taha El Sharkawy, the Emeritus and
former director of Plant Pathology Research institute and
Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed Abdel Fattah Khalifa, head of
Onion, Garlic and Oil Crops Diseases Research Department,
for their auditing, reviewing and comments that greatly
improved the edition of this abstract book.
Special thanks are extended to Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Hafez
El Abbasi, the former director of Plant Pathology Research
Institute, who gave the start of this work and actively
participated through its different stages.