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نشرة الميزان الغذائي



The food balance introduces the consumption statistics of the food commodities groups, with an indication of domestic production, foreign trade and net stock in the provision of assets and its distribution to different uses, Also includes the amount of food prepared for human consumption, the average daily consumption per capita and the equivalent amount of calories and nutrients aligned food elements of proteins and fats.

In addition to the presentation of the results of the food balance at food groups levels of year, 2011 compared to the results of year, 2000 in order to identify the development of the domestic production and the available consumption at national and individual levels, to be a guide towards to study and analysis of food levels in Egypt, as well as to meet production to consumption .

Economic Affairs Sector ( EAS), is pleased to provide Study of Food Balance Sheet, for consecutive twenty one years to cover the food activities and to provide one of the basic services, necessary for those who are interested in food and nutrition fields. EAS is welcomed to receive all of the feedback views and observations, contributed to improve the next bulletin.