About Us

The Department of Soil Chemistry, affiliated with the Ministry of Public Works, was conceived in 1903. Research work and routine analysis were initiated on water conditions and their effect on cotton productivity, and organic and inorganic fertilization of Nile Valley soil.
A special laboratory was established in 1911 to provide farmers and government institutions with services related to analysis of water, soils, fertilizers, plants, food and feed.
In 1913, the Department of Agriculture was established, with soil chemistry as one of its major branches. Since then, the departments has received international recognition for research and contributions to agricultural farm production.
Along with five other major agricultural centers in the world, the department was famous for its long-term fertilizer trials.
The new Department of Crop Physiology and plant Nutrition was established in 1957, with two major branches of plant nutrition and water requirements. In 1960, the General Administration of Soil was founded, including four divisions for soil survey and improvement, soil research, agricultural microbiology and soil analysis. In 1971, the Soil and Water research Institute (SWRI) was organized as an independent institute of the Agricultural Research Center (ARC) in the Ministry or Agriculture, Animal wealth, Fisheries and Land reclamation. It has grown from a technical staff of 5 in 1920 to 419 today.