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عربي The recommendations of the Fifth Field Crops Conference (Towards Food Security ) 18-20 Nov.2014   ---   ARC Monthly Bulletin, December 2104, Volume 589   ---   The Fifth Field Crops Conference (Towards Food Security ) 18-20 Nov.2014   ---   Signing Protocols of National campaigns for Maize, Hybrid Rice and Cotton    ---   Prof. Dr. Abd El.Moneam El Banna awarded number of wheat Farmers from Al.sharkia Governorate season 2013-2014   ---   Agricultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt visits ARC   ---   Head of legal managment department ( job vacancy)   ---   خطاب وزارة المالية بخصوص تثبيت باقي العمالة المؤقتة بالمركز   ---   إعادة نشر خطاب صرف مرتبات حملة الماجستير والدكتوراه وذلك لإضافة توضيح بخط اليد   ---   صرف مرتبات    ---   
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