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عربي Follow up Implementation of ARC Board Meeting Decrees dated 2/8/2016   ---   Brief of Decisions and Recommendations of Boord of institutes and central Labs. Directors dated 2-8-2016   ---   Follow up Implementation of ARC Board Meeting Decrees dated 26/7/2016   ---   Brief of Decisions and Recommendations of Boord of institutes and central Labs. Directors dated 26-7-2016   ---   Hungarian Minister of Agriculture visit Agricultural Research center   ---   Brief of Decisions and Recommendations of Boord of institutes and central Labs. Directors dated 19-5-2016   ---   Brief of Decisions and Recommendations of Boord of institutes and central Labs. Directors dated 26-4-2016   ---   International Conference on Research and Technology Development for Sustainable Water Resources Management ( REDWARM)   ---   Visit of a delegation from Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) concerning arrangements for hosting the Secretariat of the North African    ---   Job vacancy   ---   
Completed Projects
  • Use of fertilizers

  • Effect of potassium on crop production of field and hortculture crops as well as its quality 2- Evaluation of potassium sulphate vs potassium chloride 3- Effect of potassium addition on crop production under drought and salinity conditions
  • On- Farm Water and Soil Management Project [OWSOM]

  • - The goal of the project is to provide Egypt with a replicable and adaptable system for On–Farm soil and water management practices that are environmentally sustainable, economically sound socially acceptable
  • Soil Conditioners Project [SCP]

  • 1. Carrying out the researches in the field of utilizing the organic soil conditioner manufactured from the different agricultural organic wastes 2. Studying the newly reclaimed soil to certain their existence problems to know how to solve them 3. Inclusion the technology of organic waste recycling in the production of organic fertilizers to decrease the pollution derived from the extension use of chemical fertilizers. 4. The establishment of the organic clean agriculture. 5. Holding training courses for farmers and extension engineers on the recycling the organic wastes to fertilizers and untraditional animal forage. 6. Carrying out for researches on the so-called organic fertilizers, transplanting media produced from organic and food wastes. 7-A construction of extension fields at Nubaria, East canal area, Soil of Quntra East, this is to help farmer of the newly reclaimed soil and the region of agricultural expansion
  • An Expert System For Improvement of Fertility and Productivity of Farm Animals [FPRAM]

  • The goal of this project, is to improve the fertility and productivity of farm animals (cattle, and buffalo breeds) by acquiring and maintaining expertise of different aspects concerning animal breeding (feeding, metabolic disorders, reproductive disorders,reproductive diseases, parasitic infestation and vaccination, etc) and providing this acquired expertise in an integrated package in the form of an expert system which can then act as a permanent consultant for animal breeders, extention officers and veterinarians.
  • An Expert System Integrated with Multimedia Information System for Improved Grape Management [GRAPEX]

  • To develop an expert system and integrate it with a multimedia information system so as to provide growers with advice and recommendations about disorder diagnosis, disorder treatment, irrigation scheduling, fertilization scheduling, plant care and fruit quality. The usage of this expert system will enhance the capacity of personnel working at extension offices and support them in taking their decisions rapidly and accurately
  • An Expert System for Cherry Tomatoes [Cherry Tomatex]

  • At the first expert system for managing the production of tomato crop Cherie includes: A - management of irrigation systems B - Department of fertilization C - diagnostic systems D - Disease Control E - Department of Agriculture post To develop an expert system for the crop management of tomatoes, and integrate that with a post harvest module
  • Expert Systems for Minimizing Damage Caused by Unfavorable Weather Conditions [WeatherEX]

  • The goal of this project is to develop a tool to advice farmers on a course of action to be taken when a sudden onset of an adverse weather condition, takes place. - surprise changes in temperature and how best to address them 2 - surprise changes in humidity levels and how best to address them 3 - expect rain and show tips to cope with the damage that arise 4 - expected wind and make tips to face
  • Information Systems for Agricultural Production [Agro Prod. IS]

  • 1. To develop tools to aid in building experts systems
    2. To develop expert system in the field of plant animal production
    3. To improve the performance of extension officers in the field of plant animal production
    4. To conduct experiments to study the impact of expert system usage on national economy.
  • - Regional Initiative For Dry Land Management [- RIDM]

  • 1- To establish Middle East regional guideline for use of brackish water for economic crops grown under salt affected soil. 2- To dewlap a set of management practices for the use of bios lids and farm waste and production of biogas. 3- To develop a monitoring system of bio- chemical properties for low quality water stream. 4- To assess the soci-economic impact of using brackish water in irrigation and biosolids as organic fertilizers
In Progress Projects
  • Hen

  • إنتاج دواجن صحيه وآمنه مغذى على علائق نباتيه