Effect of dietary addition of arak (Salvadora persica) on growth and reproductive performance in black Baladi rabbit males

Abstract: The study aimed to evaluate the effect of Arak (Salvadora persica) as feed additive on performance of pre and post-sexual maturity of rabbit males. A control diet was formulated with an estimated proportion of 18% crude protein and 14% crude fibre. Another three diets were formulated supplementing control diet with 0.1 0.2 or 0.3% Arak. The Arak used in this study contained (as % DM basis): 27.9 ash, 12.4 crude protein, 1.7 ether extract and 8.0 crude fibre. Ninety-six weaned Black Baladi (BB) male rabbits aged 30 d weighing 570:1:8.30 g (mean±standard error) were used (24 per diet). Daily weight gain and daily feed intake were recorded from weaning up to 70 d of age (slaughtering commercial age). At this time four rabbits from each group were slaughtered and genitalia were immediately taken and dissected. Blood samples were collected at 120 and 150 d of age from five bucks from each group. At the age of maturity several reproductive traits were also recorded. Final body weight at 70 d of growing BB rabbit males increased linearly and quadratically (P<0.001) with maximum Arak inclusion (0.23%), whereas feed efficiency improved linearly by 0.16±0.061 g/g (P=0.011) per increment of 1 unit of Arak inclusion. Weight of sexual-accessory glands at 70 d of age increased linearly and quadratically (P<0.01) as dietary concentrations of Arak increased, the highest values for genital organs weight being obtained by using 0.2% Arak. Plasma testosterone concentration, from 120 d to age of puberty, increased linearly by 5.87±1.69 ng/mL (P<0.001) with Arak inclusion. The minimum puberty age was obtained by 0.2% Arak inclusion (P=0.024). Sexual desire, mating activity, semen-ejaculate volume, advanced-sperm motility, sperm-cell concentration and total-sperm output were linearly and quadratically affected by Arak inclusion (P<0.05), being optimized for 0.2% Arak inclusion. In conclusion, the addition of 0.2% Arak (Salvadora persica) to the growing and mature BB male rabbit diets improved growth and reproductive capabilities.
Key words: rabbit males, Arak (Salvadora persica), growth performance, reproduction, semen quality.
Publication year 2008
Pages 21-27
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