Analysis of International Trade Policies for Some Agricultural Commodities in Light of Global Changes

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• Ph. D. in Agricultural Science: Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, 2009.
THESIS: " Effect of International Trade Liberalization on the Egyptian Agricultural Imports ".
Foreign trade sector is one of the main pillars of economic activity in Egypt and derives its importance to this sector is closely linked to the development of the Egyptian economy and its contribution in addressing pressing national problems such as the problem of unemployment and economic recession in addition to the development of the national economy through the association with the global economy.
It is the objective of the present study, in spite of the mechanisms of trade policies by the State at the local and global, not achieved the desired exports jump and the higher the value of imports, which reflects the poor economic performance, where the value of imports amounted to 152.54 billion pounds in 2007, and this poses negative impact on the Egyptian economy remains in the trade balance deficit to reach about 60.33 billion pounds during the same year. And also tended to increase agricultural imports, which amounted to some 20.58 billion pounds in 2007, which led to a rise in the agricultural trade balance, with about 13.7 billion pounds during the same year, which is reflected on the balance of business and thus the balance of payments
Official and field data were collected and used to achieve study objectives.
The study contains four chapters in addition to summaries, indices and references. The first section included the review of reference for studies and research in the area of the previous study. The second section has dealt with foreign trade policies of Egypt's application and effects, this section included the first two chapters single out the policies of Foreign Trade in terms of its concept, objectives and means, and the effect on the national economy. While the second chapter dealing with the implications of trade reforms on the performance of foreign trade in general, and the agricultural sector, the Egyptian foreign trade in particular. In the case of section III and the international trading system on the new policy and its implications for the total external trade and agricultural exports, This section contains two chapters dealing with the first new international trading system and its implications on the total external trade policies, while the second chapter dealing with the new international trading system and its implications on the foreign trade policies in agriculture and for the fourth section has been interested in the Egyptian foreign trade policies with a focus on the agricultural sector in the framework of agreements regional trade.
Publication year 2009
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Proposed Agrovoc معامل التركز الجغرافي والسلعي (Geographical and commodities concentration coefficient);معامل الاستقرار (Instability coefficient);المرونة السعرية (Price elasticity);مؤشر التجارة التنافسية (Trade compatibility index);مؤشر تماثل الصادرات (Export Similarity Index);نموذج جاذبية التجارة (Gravity Model of Trade);
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