Production of flavoured labneh with extended shelf life

Abstract: Essential oils of garlic, cumin, coriander, clove, dill and parsley were added at the ratio of 0.5% to labneh as natural preservatives. The microbiological, chemical, and organoleptic properties of obtained labneh were followed during storage at 7oC ± 1 for 4 weeks. The lactic acid bacteria (LAB) counts increased during storage in all treatments. Moreover, LAB and lipolytic bacteria counts were affected by the added essential oils, while moulds and yeasts were not detected in fresh and stored labneh in all treatments except the control and labneh containing dill after 15 days and that containing, garlic oil treatment after 20 days. Also, coliforms and proteolytic bacteria were not detected in fresh and stored labneh in all treatments. Variable acidity, soluble/total nitrogen and total volatile fatty acids were apparent in labneh with different types of essential oils. Labneh made with cumin clove and parsley oils were ranked high scores and were more acceptable as compared with control and labneh with other essential oils. Essential oils can be used as natural preservatives to increase the shelf life of labneh up to 30 days storage at 7ºC ±1, and with meantime a quieted good flavour.
Key words: essential oils, flavoured labneh, preservatives, microbial groups, shelf life
Publication year 2006
Pages p.59-68
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serial title Egyptian Journal of Dairy Science
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Coriander. Cultured milk. Cumin. Dill. Essential oils. Flavoured milk. Garlic. Keeping quality. Preservatives. Storage.
Proposed Agrovoc labneh;
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