Manufacture of pickled and un-pickled high fat soft cheese using olive and sunflower oleogels

Abstract: ABSTRACT
The aim of this study was the use of construction unsaturated oil in the manufacture of soft
cheese. Oleogels were made from olive oil (00) or sunflower oil (SO) and bee wax (BW). They were
used as fat replacer in the manufacture of pickled or un-pickled soft cheese. Using oleogels slightly
decreased the pH values but had no effect on the moisture and fat contents of soft cheese, Cheese
made with oleogels exhibited higher values for the texture parameters namely: hardness, springiness,
gumminess and chewiness but slightly lower cohesiveness than cheese made with milk fat. Scanning
electron micrographs displayed oleogels showed a compact network with small unifOlm fat droplets
embedded in the protein matrix. Sensory evaluation indicated that soft cheese of acceptable quality
can be made with the oleogels.
Publication year 2018
Pages 223-230
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serial title Middle East Journal of Applied
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Publication Type Journal