Production of Healthy Chips Ready to Eat Using Potato, Green Pea and Lupine Flour for Malnourished Children

Abstract: Potato chips are the most popular snack consumed especially by children. These chips are considered unhealthy
due to high levels of fat and salt content. This study was conducted to produce healthy chips from potato, lupine and green pea
flour and enhance the nutritional value of chips. The chips were prepared using Potato, lupine and green pea flour at different
ratios (100%:0%:0%, 90%:10%:0%, 85%:15%:0%, 90%:0%:10%, 85%:0%:15%, 80%:10%:10% and 70%:15%:15%
respectively). Proximate analysis, minerals content, amino acids composition, physicochemical analysis, biological active
compounds analysis and sensory evaluation were carried out on the product chips samples. It showed that moisture content
ranged between (7.43-8.77), protein content (7.89-16.07), crude ether extract content (3.90-6.31), ash content (3.00-3.75),
crude fiber (2.75-4.12) and carbohydrate content (74.77-61.66). The Minerals analysis revealed that sample G (70% potato
flour and 15% lupine flour and 15% green pea flour) was the highest in potassium, iron, calcium and zinc content with low
sodium content. The amino acids composition was found that the sample G contained the highest percentage of the essential
amino acids including (lysine, phenylalanine threonine and valine). Physicochemical analysis revealed the following ranges:
bulk density (0.74-0.91g/ml), water absorption (1.70-1.94g/g), swelling capacity (1.12-1.95ml/g) and pH (5.44 -5.89).
Biological active compounds analysis reported the following ranges (mg/100g): total phenolic content (790.84 -1783.64) and
antioxidant activity (82.78%-97.16%). While, sensory evaluation results showed that no significant difference between the
products of the seven chips samples. Conclusively healthy chips can be prepared successfully from each potato, green Pea as
well as lupine Flour as a nutritious snack to children suffering from malnutrition.
Keywords: Healthy Chips, Lupine, Green Pea, Amino Acids, Minerals, Antioxidant Activity, Malnutrition
Publication year 2019
Pages 26-34
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serial title International Journal of Food Science and Biotechnology
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    إسراء موسي معهد بحوث تكنولوجيا الاغذيه
    نجلاء حسن معهد بحوث تكنولوجيا الاغذيه
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