Comparative Study between Fermented Lactic Acid Bacteria Solution and Brine Solution on Reduction of Acrylamide formed during Production of Fried Potato

Abstract: Recently, acrylamide has become one of the most important
and most serious global problems, so it has been classified as
a potential carcinogen and known to be a neurotoxic, occurs in
heated starchy foods such as potato products (French fries and
potato crisps). The present research addressed this issue by
determining levels of the acrylamide precursors (asparagine and
reducing sugars) and levels of the acrylamide in French fries made
from two cultivars of potatoes (Cara and Banba) after immersion in
fermented lactic acid bacteria solution (60 and 90 min) or brine
solution (5 days) comparing to the control samples after frying
process. The results indicated that the brine solution treatment
appeared better sensorial properties with the panelists than the
other treatments in both varieties, whereas Cara 90 and Banba
90 appeared better color and texture than the other samples
using a Hunter colorimeter and a Brookfield texture analyzer.
Also Cara 90 and Banba 90 treatments showed the lowest
values of asparagine (2.50 and 9.08 mg/100 g), glucose (34.00
and 34.12 mg/100 g), sucrose (60.08 and 21.09 mg/100 g) and
intermediate values of fructose (6.47 and 4.71 mg/100 g). With
keeping in mind that asparagine and glucose values in the Cara
cultivar were lower than the Banba cultivar and the opposite was
found in fructose and sucrose values. And finally it was noticed
that the acrylamide formation was the lowest in Cara 90 and
Banba 90 (104 and 152 ?g/kg) treatments, whereas the highest
values of the acrylamide were for the control samples of Banba
and Cara (823 and 692 ?g/kg) and it was found that the Cara
variety was better than in most of determined parameters than
the Banba variety.
Acrylamide; Acrylamide precursors; Asparagine; Lactic acid
Publication year 2019
Pages 1-6
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serial title Journal of Food & Nutritional Disorders
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