Effect of natural additives (Bee pollen) on immunity and productive performances in rabbits. 3- Evaluation of high levels on growth performance, blood profile and carcass characteristics in rabbit males

Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the supplementation of bee pollen on growth performance, digestible energy intakes, digestibility, some blood parameters, carcass characteristics, caecal microbial activity and economical efficiency of growing rabbits. One hundred and twenty New Zealand White (NZW) male rabbits aged 35 days were divided and assigned randomly into 4 groups of 30 rabbits each with an average live body weight of 632 g ± 3.69. First group was kept without any treatment (control: BP0). Second (BP1), third(BP2) and fourth (BP3) groups were orally administrated by bee pollen (BP) suspension contains 500, 600 and 700 mg BP/kg body weight daily through the experimental period from 35-98 days of age. The results show that the growing rabbits supplemented with bee pollen caused significant (P≤0.05) increase in final body weight and daily weight gain and decrease in feed intake (DM and DCP) and improved in feed conversion compared with untreated group. There were significant improvement on digestibility coefficient and nutritive values of growing rabbits with BP. Also, significant increases in dressing percentage and weight of carcass, kidney, spleen, color intensity and tenderness were recorded due to increased BP, while, abdominal fat and pH meat were decreased. Also, the spleen and thymus weight and indexes were increased for all groups fed BP compared with the control group. The lowest value of pH (5.68), lowest count of E.coli (550.14 x102 CFU), anaerobic bacteria (4.54x106 CFU) and Clostridium spp. (3.85 CFU/g caecal digesta) were recorded with rabbits fed BP3. The immunity responsiveness represented in leukocytes counts, mainly on lymphocytes and immunoglobulin (IgG and IgM) concentration increased significantly with increasing BP. The BP3 showed higher values of economical efficiency compared to other groups. It was concluded that supplementing growing male rabbits with BP levels (500, 600 and 700 mg /kg BW) improve growth performance, digestibility coefficient and nutritive values, hematological and blood biochemical variables. Key words: Bee pollen, rabbits, performance, immune response, bacterial count, digestibility, blood parameters.
Publication year 2014
Pages 411-429
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serial title 7th International Poultry Conference - Proceeding
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Bacteria. Cell counting. Digestibility. Immune response. Performance testing. Rabbits.
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