An Economic Study for the Role of Some Micro- Finance Institutions and Infinitesimal in the Egyptian Countryside

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• Master Thesis: Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Benha University, 2020.
The Egyptian countryside faces many problems, especially in recent times, where unemployment and low personal incomes have become one of the most pressing problems in the Egyptian countryside. The way to solve these problems in the Egyptian countryside.
The main objective of this study is to identify the role of some MFIs in the rural areas of Egypt by examining the following sub-objectives: The current status of the role of the most important microfinance institutions in the Egyptian countryside - Local Development Fund The role of enterprise development in microfinance in rural Egypt, the development of loans disbursed by the enterprise development authority distributed according to the productive activities of small and micro enterprises in some governorates. The relative importance.
From the above the study recommends:-
1-Encouraging the expansion of small and micro agricultural projects in order to provide job opportunities for young graduates and raise the standard of living in rural Egypt.
2- Activating the role of the financiers of small and micro agricultural projects through the provision of many credit facilities and the provision of easy loans.
3-Provide technical and economic consultations that help small business owners to overcome the obstacles they face during and after the establishment of those other projects under study.
4- Activate the role of marketing policies, including marketing of products of small and micro enterprises and protect them from the exploitation of merchants with the provisions of control.
5-Activate the role of serious control and follow-up of borrowers to ensure the correctness of doing projects or not.
6- Integration of small, small, medium and large projects within each governorate.
7- Establishing centers for training young people on small and micro projects.
8- Establishing outlets for the sale of products of small and micro projects in the province of each province.
9- Deepening studies in such projects to show and guide decision makers in this important investment area for young people in the Egyptian village.
Publication year 2020
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