The Role of Public, Private and Foreign Investment in Agricultural Growth in the Arab Republic of Egypt

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• Master Thesis: Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Fayoum University, 2020.
the study comes to highlight the fact that the Egyptian agricultural
sector suffers from a low return on the invested pound, which makes it unattractive to invest in it and consequently a decrease in agricultural investments, and therefore this issue is negatively reflected on the development efforts made by the state to develop the Egyptian agricultural sector, in addition to the decrease in this return It leads to a decrease in farmers ’income, which leads to a decrease in their incentive to work in this vital sector through Study the role of local and foreign agricultural investments in developing the Egyptian agricultural sector.
The study depends on descriptive and inferential statistical analysis, and multiple regression models were used in ordinary least squares (OLS) to estimate the parameters of the study model in the double logarithmic, models were evaluated based on model quality indicators such as R2 and Adj. R2 The study relied on, in achieving its objectives, on the published and unpublished secondary data relevant to the subject of the study. The study covers a time series for the period 1995-2017. It's consists of four chapters; the first one dealing with an introduction to the study through an introduction about investment in Egypt, the problem of the study and its objectives, the importance of the study and the methodology of treating the topic and the justifications for its selection in addition to the research method used in it, the second chapter reviews the theoretical framework and previous studies, while the third chapter focuses on the development of the most important variables of the study That relates to investment at the level of the Egyptian agricultural sector, while the fourth chapter is concerned with studying the relationship between public and private investment in the Egyptian agricultural sector, and also addresses the role of agricultural investment, whether public, private or foreign, in economic growth And confidential Egypt. The most important results of the study can be summarized as follows Real Agricultural GDP has been used as an indicator of economic growth in the agricultural sector, the study estimate the relationship between the public, private and foreign agricultural investment, the total agricultural employment, the variable of agricultural real GDP in the previous year, and economic growth in the agricultural sector in Egypt in the long term, all independent variables includes were significance, except for the foreign investment in the agricultural sector, accordingly it can be concluded that there is an effect for both public and private agricultural investment in Real values, and total agricultural employment and economic growth in the agricultural sector in Egypt during the study period, while there is no impact of foreign investment in the agriculture sector on the agricultural GDP growth
Publication year 2020
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