An Economic Study for Oranges in The New and Old Land in Sharkia Governorate

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• M. Sc. in Agricultural Science (Agricultural Economics): Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagazig University, 2022.
Citrus cultivation comes first among the fruit crops in Egypt. As its exposure many diseases recently, led to a decrease its productivity, (which is represented the problem of the study), where the productivity decreases, and the production costs increase, so that requires studying of factors affect maximization of the farm income. The study aims to measure the economic efficiency of orange in Sharkia Governorate. The study was depended on statistical and qualitative methods and adopted on two sources of data: secondary data and primary data. One of the most important results showed that the variable costs represented less than 60% of total costs, but fixed costs represented more than 40% of total cost. Average of productivity per feddan is considered the most important indicator of economic efficiency of this study, and amounted the maximum value was about 30 tons / feddan in summer orange , however amounted its minimum value in placenta orange which was about 6.5 tons / feddan .The return of the invested pound amounted its maximum value by about 1.82 L.E in the summer orange cultivated in new lands, and amounted its minimum value by about 1.42 L.E in the placenta orange cultivated in old lands. The study recommended to maximize the net profit by access to optimal production, productivity and optimized economic production in accordance with cost of production. As well as, the importance of continuing in project of citrus improving in the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Horticultural Research Institute as it deals with many problems of citrus.
Publication year 2022
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