Determination of the Foreign Demand on the Egyptian Agricultural Exports in the Most Important Asian Countries Markets

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• M. Sc. in Agricultural Science (Agricultural Economics): Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagazig University, 2018.
The objective of this study is to try to develop the export of the crops studied in the most important markets of Asian importing countries. In order to achieve this objective, the study highlighted the most important indicators of the competitiveness indicators of Egyptian agricultural exports of grapes, oranges, potatoes and onions in the most important markets of Asian countries, representing 22% Egyptian agricultural exports accounted for 2.53% of the total Egyptian exports during the period 1994-2014. It also analyzed the main factors determining the external demand for the crops studied in the major markets in Asia. The most important results were that the rate of coverage of exports and imports fluctuated during the study period but in general the value of agricultural exports increased during the whole period of the study. In examining the degree of economic exposure, the results indicate the adoption of the Egyptian economic activity on export and import. The determinants of the demand for the export of the crops under study were analyzed. One of the most important results for the grape harvest was a positive relationship between the quantity of grape exports of the Saudi market and the explanatory variables. The increase of each of them by 1% leads to an increase in the quantity exported to the Saudi market by 0.08% 24.41%, 0.59% and 0.20% respectively. There was also an inverse relationship between the quantity of Egyptian exports of oranges to the Saudi market and the total Saudi imports of grapes from other countries and the exchange rate. The decrease of 1% In the Saudi market by 3.89%, 0.53 %.
Publication year 2018
Availability location مكتبة معهد بحوث الاقتصاد الزراعي-7 ش نادى الصيد - مبنى الهيئات والشركات - الدقي- الجيزة (الدور الرابع)
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