A Social Study of political behavior for the Rural youth a field study in two villages at Kafr EI-Shiekh Governance

Abstract: The youth are the future of the promising nation , they are the future leaders and they are the men who located upon themselves the evelopment of society in all political, conomic, social and cultural fields, and on their hands, its goals and its
ambitions be achieve in sophisticated world full with quick shifts and varying challenges, this is depending on what to say to the youths in care of developing their leadership skills and training them in industry and to take decision at the right time.
The political behavior is the basic of democratic act, and as is the face reflects the democratic process in their positive and negative, he is influential and measure of success or to be hinder of this process, the low level of political behavior of the youths would prevent achieved, so ,it must study the factors that will lead to an increase in knowledge and attitudes and political practices of the rural youths, also, the obstacles
that obstacle the exercise of political behavior with its aspects until it can be removed and avoided even be increasing the level of political participation as political behavior.
Consistent with the problem of the study, this study aimed mainly to study the political behavior of rural youths, through achieving the following sub-objectives:
1- To identify the personal, social and economic haracteristics of rural youths.
2 - To identify the level of political behavior of the rural ouths.
3 - To identify the associated variables with degree of political behavior of the rural Youths.
4 - To identify the determined factors and the degree of the relative contribution of each of them in the interpretation of the variation in the degree of political behavior of the rural youths.
Publication year 2015
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