Ultrasonographic Determination of ovulation time in synchronized-supf.rovulated zarairi goats

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Fifteen cyclic Zaraibi goats aged between 3.5-5 years divided into three equal groups. Vaginal sponge impregnated with 50mg medroxy progesterone acetate (MAP) in group I or double dose of PGF2a in group II or combination between sponge and single dose of PGF2cx injected i.m. at 48 hours before removal of the vaginal sponge in group III. Superovulation occurred by inject ion of 1000 I.U of equine Chorionic Gonadotropin (eCG) i.m. in all groups. Allcr last step of synchronization treatment, heat was detected every 4 hours with aid of aproned buck (Teaser buck). Transrectal ovarian scanning at 48 hours after last step of synchronization treatment that repeated every 6 hours till 78 hours at which ovulation can not be scanned. Onset of heat was significantly differed (P<0.01) among the three groups while, interval from onset of heat to ovulation was highly significant (P<0.001). At the same, time number of ovulations was 22, 18 and 32 for group I. II and III, respectively. Peak of ovulation time was ranged between 59 to 63 hours after last step of synchronization treatment. Key words: Ovulation, Goat, Ultrasonography. Estrous Synchronization. ,
Publication year 2005
Pages 93-100
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