Abstract: The study aims to examine the production and consumption of sunflower crop in order to raise production and economic efficiency of the crop and contribute in reducing the oily gap through studying productivity and economic indicators of sunflower crop, the most important factors affecting consumption as well as study the production and cost functions of oily sunflower crop.
The results indicated that the most important factors affecting the consumed quantity from sunflower oil are the amount of production and per capita income. Also, the equation mentioned two factors affect the consumed amount of sunflower oil by 76%. Moreover, the volume of feddan productivity of sunflower which minimizes production costs to their lowest level is estimated by 1109 kg. The study sample of 60 farmers showed that nobody, in this sample, his production exceeds this size and this volume is more than the productivity average which is 814.77 kg by 294.23 kg.
The study recommends expanding cultivation of sunflower oil crop in the Beni Suef Governorate and in the new reclaimed land near it. This is by stimulating the farmer to grow the crop by providing reliable seed selling outlets, research centers, provide sources for selling the crop at an affordable price, determine the price of the crop before cultivation to encourage the farmers, provide different ways to market the crop and providing production accessories in the agricultural associations as well as raising the price of the crop so that it can compete the crops grown during the same season and conducting governmental collection centers for the crop to discharge the crop as well as the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture on the cultivation of the crop.
Publication year 2014
Pages 457 -470
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    أحمد فؤاد عبد الحكيم قسم الإقتصاد الزراعي-كلية الزراعة-جامعة القاهرة
    حسن عبد الغفور العباسي قسم الإقتصاد الزراعي-كلية الزراعة-جامعة القاهرة
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