Abstract: The present research aimed to investigate possible maternal effects on the seed yield and some related traits and seed quality in the studied populations (TW and Nubaria1 + F1's and F2's including reciprocals) of faba bean. Genetic parameters were calculated in early segregating generation to reach the highest genetic advance. Correlation and path coefficients were also estimated for yield and its components. Significant differences were observed between mean generation for some yield traits (100-seed weight, tannin content, coat thickness and onset of flowering date) of F1 and its reciprocal and F2 hybrids, indicated maternal effect on faba bean seeds. Thus, selection for improving faba bean yield and seed traits should begin with the F2 seeds to ample genetic variability in this generation. It is noticed that the highest heritability values were detected for these traits that controlled by maternal effect. Tannin content, 100-seeds weight, number of branches per plant and coat thickness had higher estimates of broad sense heritability coupled with high predicted genetic advance from selection, indicating that these traits are mainly controlled by additive genes and selection for these traits may be effective. Furthermore, number of branches, number of pods, number of seeds per plant and 100-seed weight reflected significant correlation with seed yield per plant as well as their influences whether directly or indirectly on yield and its attributes. Hence selection for each or all of these traits might be used for the improvement of seed yield in early segregating generation. Meanwhile, selection for early flowering may improve seed quality traits, as thinner coat that was accompanied by low tannin.
Keywords: Vicia faba, Maternal effect, Genetic parameters, Heritability, Genetic advance%, Correlation and path analysis.
Publication year 2014
Pages 483 – 494
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    مصطفى عبد المؤمن ابراهيم قسم بحوث المحاصيل البقولية – معهد بحوث المحاصيل الحقلية
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