Path analysis and heritability studies for yield and quality traits in some sugar beet varieties under two harvests

Abstract: Two field experiments were carried out in Sakha Research Station, Kafr, El-Sheikh Governorate in 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 seasons to investigate the effects of the harvest age of sugar beet on sugar yield and quality traits of ten sugar beet varieties and defining the contribution of some yield attributes in sugar yield variation making use path analysis and heritability studies. A split plot design with three replicates was used in both seasons. The tested sugar beet varieties were Athospoly, MK2134, Asnaris, Habiba, Diamond, Nejma, Dina, Meridio, Kawemira and Malak. Harvest was made at 180 and 210 days from sowing. The sowing date in the two seasons was in the first week of October.
The obtained results indicated significant varietal differences for the studied traits, the tested varieties at 210 days age, it was noticed that sugar beet varieties Athospoly, Mk2134, Kawemira ,Dina and Diamand recorded the highest averages of Sucrose percentage, Purity percentage, Extractable sugar and sugar yield compared with the other varieties. Moreover, Kawemira, Meridio and Dina varieties obtained the lowest values of impurities and sugar loss to molasses and then they attained high quality. Significant varietal response to delaying harvest in almost all yield and quality attributes could be detected.
That sugar yield was positively and significantly correlated with root yield ton/fed, extractable sugar percentage, extractability percentage, purity percentage, and sucrose percentage. The path coefficient analysis indicated that sugar content and root yield had the highest positive direct effects (0.533 and 0.476 respectively) on sugar yield ton/fed. The extractable sugar percentage, purity percentage and extractability percentage had the highest positive indirect effects (0.557, 0.510 and 0.422 respectively), these traits therefore could be considered as a suitable selection criteria for evolving high yielding sugar beet genotypes. Broad sense heritability values were high for all traits indicating that most variability among genotypes was genetic and hence selection could be effective for these traits.
Publication year 2014
Pages 303-318
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