English : Production parameters and pro fi tability of the Egyptian household poultry sector: a survey
Abstract Poultry production has experienced tremendous change in Egypt in the last three
decades. Small-scale family poultry production, otherwise termed household
poultry, was part of this transformation but to date no concise description has
been made of Egyptian household poultry. In this report, this is described using
surveys and reviews. Inputs and outputs of this production system were evaluated
and the pro
tability of the household poultry was estimated. Household poultry
contribute immensely to food security in Egypt; providing income for individual
families. A mean
ock size of 73 (mixed breeds) was determined and this yielded a
net annual pro
t of 2287.67LE (US$397.34) per annum. The important household
poultry diseases are principally viral and bacterial. While Egyptian household
poultry are similar to others in Africa in terms of multi-species
ocks, women-
driven projects, labour and marketing structures, it differs in input systems,
hatchery method, disease management, and other indices. Suggestions for
improvement of this sector of the poultry industry are offered.
Publication year 2016
Pages 1-12
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