English : Analyze of Farmers Problems concerning Producing and Marketing Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Some villages of EL Minya Governorate
Arabic : تحليل مشكلات الزراع لإنتاج وتسويق النباتات الطبية والعطرية ببعض قرى محافظة المنيا
Abstract This research aimed mainly to identify the core problems concerning producing and marketing medicinal and aromatic plants from respondents' viewpoint. also to identify analysis of this core studied problems through identify both causes of the problems. its effects. And to determine the required reformist procdures to solve it .
The research was conducted in El Minya Governorate .three Districts were selected ( Beni Mazar. El Minya. and Deir mawas) as the largest districts in producing of marjoram. cumin. and caraway crops then six villages were selected from the three studied districts(two villages from each one) which were Kafr El Sheik Ibrahim. Mitt Abu Aziz . toukh Al kheel.reeda . delga. and Al Badrwman respectively. Data were collected through interviewing group discussion. three discussion groups of medicinal and aromatic plants farmers in every village by using interview guide was prepared for that purpose the respondents number in each group was ranged between 8 to 12 respondent. the total number of respondents reached 202 respondent. data were collected during the March. 2014 and were analyzed descriptively. tables . frequencies. and percentages were used to show the results.
The most important results were as follows:
- Concerning the core problems of medicinal and aromatic plants production. there are four problems. farm holdings fragmentation . lack of production main inputs. raising environmental risks facing farmers. inefficient farm management systems.
- Concerning the Core problems of medicinal and aromatic plants marketing. there are one direct cause i.e. "non-conformity of production to the required market standards.
- The most important direct causes of farm land holdings fragmentation proplems was the frequent reproduction. the most important middle cause was spread early marriage phenomenon . which due to four roots . lack of awareness about the importance of girls ' education. low of education quality. dropping out from formal education. and high illiteracy rate.
- The most direct effects of farm land holdings fragmentation problem were both waste more of land size in tracts. borders and separators. and difficult use agricultural mechanization followed by indirect effects in low productivity per unit area. delays in farm operations conducting. and delays growing plants on suitable time. which resulted to the final effect which was low productivity of these crops.
- The most important reform procedures to solve farm holdings fragmentation problem was provide technical and information support. which come in the first rank by 57.1%.
- Concerning Problems of medicinal and aromatic plants marketing represnted in "non-conformity of production to the required market standards. . the most important direct causes were shortage of marketing information. while the most important for middle causes were weakness of coordination among stakeholders. this cause due to three root were i.e doublicated decisions. not announcement about crops prices befor planting . and non activation decisions accordind coordination among stakeholders and each another.
- The Direct effects"non-conformity of production to the required market standards.. were six effects which were the inability to know new marketing places out the village. not knowing the crops true prices. low economic return of the crops. high crop losses rate. sale in the local market. with unsuitable price. there were an idirect effect result from the six directs effects mentioned above which was reluctance of some farmers from growing medicinal and aromatic plants. the final effect was the low productivity of the crops.
- One of the most important reform procedures to solve the problem "non-conformity of production to the required market standards" was administrative and excutive procedure by percentage40%.
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