Requirements of Rural Tourism attraction in Matrouh governorate and planning a proposed tourism program for one selscted village in it

Abstract: This research aimed to identify the requirements of rural tourism attraction in Matrouh governorate, and to determine the constraints which may face it, in addition to know the dicision makers vision of it about establishing this kind of tourism and finally plan a rural tourism program in one selected village.
Data were collected in December month, 2016, through a secondary sources and electron cites plus a pretested questionnaire to collect data by personal interview from the responsible people of the concerned institutions included tourism, agricultural extension, local council, culture and security services, inanition three focus groups discussion approach included from 7- 10 respondents for each, Organized to the people in the selected village.
The study results were as follows:-
1. All the decision makers of the governorate mentioned that. There are many attractive locations in the governorate villages could be useful for tourism.
2. All the respondents of the discussion groups recommended that Aghormy village in Siwa is beautiful and calm and has most of tourism requirements.
3. Most of the respondents mentioned that the constraints which could face the tourists in the selected village were:
Absence of the infrastructures services, lack of people awareness towards how to invest their resources, poverty, impediment of economic participation due to some traditional and social habits to work outside home.
4. The major important solution of the respondents for overcoming the mentioned constraints were:
The vast areas and valleys such as sanb valley which could be invested, conducting festivals for rural tourism, establishing a permanent exhibition for marketing Matrouh products and rural handcrafts, beside salt products which attract the tourists.
5. According to the research results, an attracting tourism program is planed for entertaining the tourists who will visit the selected village.
Due to the research results, 7 recommendations are deducted.

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