Knowledge Base Tool for Enhancing Expert Systems Dialogue

Abstract: Available diagnosis expert systems ask users many questions in order to identify the diseases. These questionsaresometimes vague and need more interpretations. Further, using a lot of questions does not satisfy the end-user and turn the expert system to be boring and unfriendly.In this paper, Iintroducea tool for building knowledge base. Also, Iproposeanapproach for enhancing expert system dialogue with end-user. The proposed approach was appliedin plant diseases. Instead of just asking the end user only text questions, images for different symptomson different part of the plantsare displayed to him. Then the end-user selects the imageswhich are approximate tohis plant symptoms. Finally,the system adapts the dialogue. This process isrepeated till reaching the final diagnosis.The proposed tool is a web-based, andit adopts XML to store ontology, schema of knowledge base and knowledge base. The proposed tool was applied in building a prototype for barley knowledge baseand diagnosis expert system.
Publication year 2019
Pages 10
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