English : Impact Of Climatic Changes On Field And Vegetable Crops From The Farmers Point Of View And Adapting With Their Impacts In Some Governorates Of Egypt
Arabic : أثر التغييرات المناخية على المحاصيل الحقلية والخضر من وجهة نظر الزراع وتأقلمهم معها ببعض محافظات مصر
Abstract This study aimed to identify the aspects of climatic changes,and its effects on field and vegetable crops from the point of view of
the respondents farmers, as well as to identify the change in their agricultural practices to adapt with it, and the sources from which
they derived their information about those changes.
This research was conducted on a sample of farmers in Dakahlia, Sharkia, Kafr El-Sheikh and Qalubia Govemorates, in
addition to Nubaria province. One district from each Governorate, one sector from Nubaria, and one village from each district or sector were selected. All the choices randomly selected. Therefore has been selected village of Mitt Al Amel, Aja district, Dakahlia Governorate,
and village of Shubra Al Nakhla, Belbais district, Sharkia Governorate, and village of Nasiriyah from Tookh district, Qaliubiya
Governorate, and village of Al Monshaa Al Kobra Qulaian district, Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, and village Ard Muhammad Al Raqueb,
Al Bustan district, Nubaria. The sample size was determined using the equation Krejcie and Morgan and respondents numbered 354 at
the of 7.85% of the total number of farmers of villages selected from 45,000 farmers. With the same proportion the respondents were
selected at randomly from record 2 of agricultural services at associations of the selected villages.
Questionnaire has been used with personal interview to collect data during the month of April 2015 after an initial. The appropriate adjustments on questionnaire were done to become in suitable form for achieving the objectives of the research. Weighted average was used for data analysis. Also,frequencies and percentages were used to describe data.
Publication year 2016
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