Arabic : مشكلات حائزى المزارع السمكية بمحافظة دمياط
Abstract This study aimed to identify the problems of fish farms holders in Damietta Governorate. This could be achieved through sources of communication employed by the respondents when exposed to these problems. Also,identifying their needs for information in the field of aquaculture and the most important suggestions to overcome those problems which they face.
This research was conducted in all regions of the fish farms in Damietta Governorate, (Shata- Sheikh
Dorgham and Ezbet ELborg - Alrtmh Shatt Jeribah- Saiala and Ainnanah and Albasartah- young graduatesin shata)
on a systematic random sample of about 114 strong Quested, 10% of the total respondents holders of fish farms. The data needed for achieving the objectives of the research has been collected using a questionnaire through personal meetings of the sample individuals after designing and preparing adequately for this purpose. As well as, an initial test which provided the opportunity to modify the form and put it in its final form using several statistical methods represented in frequencies and percentages, the medium grade and the arithmetic average.
The most important results are as follows:
1- The problems of the holders of fish farms in Damietta Governorate was represented in six main groups came in
accordance with the relative importance as follows: the problems of public services, economic financing problems, administrative problems, marketing problems, farm problems and problems of cognitive performance
innovations for aquaculture
2- The most important public services represented in: the lack of authority to provide various measurements of the
salinity of the water and the degree of pH and the proportion of dissolved oxygen in water and the failure of the
Commission to clear public canals constantly and the lack of fry or permits for the purchase of seed on time -
non-availability of services and veterinary care.
3- The most important economic financing problems represented in: rising food prices-higher costs of creating and
designing a fish farm - fry high prices -high costs to rent or to buy a farm.
4- The most important administrative problems represented in: the short time of the rental fish farms - the
multiplicity of points of supervision and permits to collect or buy fry from another area - the lack of technical
specialized in the field of aquaculture -opposing taxes on fish farms.
5 - The most important marketing problems represented in:
Monopoly of traders of farm produce fish-low marketing and selling prices of farm-shortage of skilled labor
to do the fishing for marketing process -not availability of markets close to fish farms.
6- the most important agricultural problems represented in: the farm site for pollution sources sewage or
agricultural or industrial - phenomenon of migrating birds eating fish - non availability of irrigation water
constantly - farm site from public canals.
7- The most important cognitive problems performing operations in aquaculture represented in: The issues related to
nutrition for the fish - construction problems related to the design of farm ponds
Publication year 2016
Pages 164- 173
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Volume 7 . 2
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