English : Genetic diversity and phenotype characterization of native rabbit in Middle-Egypt
Arabic : التباين الجينى و الخصائص المظهرية للأرانب المحلى فى مصر الوسطى
Abstract Survey of native rabbit populations were conducted in three governorates; Fayum (FY), Bani-Suef (BN) and Minya (MN) in Middle-Egypt region The phenotype data and samples of Native - Middle-Egypt rabbits (NMER) were collected randomly from 8 cities in these governorates Phenotype pattern of NME Rrabbit population was included body parts, coat color and body dimension in rabbit. Samples from the same city were considered as a population. Eight microsatellite loci were used to provide a comprehensive insight into the genetic status and relationship among 8 NMER rabbit populations A total of 92 rabbits from 8 cities of Middle-Egypt region were studied.
Standard statistics parameters of genetic variability within and between populations were calculated The observed heterozygosity, unbiased expected heterozygosity and the effective number of alleles were used to assess the genetic variation of each indigenous breed. Results show a moderate genetic diversity and observed heterozygosity ranged between 0.062 and 0.428. The FST values between pairs of breeds, using all data; indicate a generally high level of genetic differentiation, ranging from 0.026 to 1.743 which indicated a little connection between FY and MN governorate result to the long geographical distance and nature barriers. We can conclude that Phenotype pattern of NMER populations had common model in body parts but their coat color follows different models. NMER populations are a small to medium-sized breed. The current study is the first detailed analysis of the genetic diversity of native rabbit populations. The data generated here provides valuable information about the genetic structure of the 8 rabbit populations and this can be used to designate priorities for their conservation. It is needed to increase numbers the samples and the microsatellite investigated and more genetic studies by using mitochondrial DNA and microsatellite data for rabbit in Egypt.
keys words - Survey, rabbit populations, Egypt, Native, phenotype.
Publication year 2016
Availability location معهد بحوث الانتاج الحيوانى- شارع نادى الصيد- دقى- جيزة
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    ايناس غالى المركز القومى للبحوث
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DNA. Egypt. Indigenous organisms. Microsatellites. Phenotypes. Rabbits. Surveys.
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