Eman Mohamed Salem
Affiliation Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI)
Department Bread and Pasta
E-mail address emansalem@hotmail.com
Work Telephones 0235718326 - 0235735090 - -
Fax 01000752443 -
Awarded Degrees
Degree BSc, Egypt, Cairo in [1984]
Masters, Egypt, Cairo Title: Al Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree Of Master Of Science in [1989]
PHD, Egypt, Cairo Title: Characters in Maize production for some Technological (Nutrition and Industrial) in [1994]
Current degree
Degree PHD, Egypt, Cairo in [1984]
Professional progress
Manager in Soil, Water and Environment Research Institute (SWERI) [14/11/2018]
Scientific Progress
Chief Researcher in Food Technology Research Institute (FTRI) [01/09/2005]