Mahmoud Hamdy Mohamed Ali Ebid
Affiliation Sugar Crops Research Institute (SCRI)
Department Genetics and Breeding
Research Field Plant Science and Production(Plant Genetics and Breeding)
E-mail address
Work Telephones 0020235731465 - - -
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Awarded Degrees
Degree BSc, Egypt, Ain Shams in [2000]
Masters, Egypt, Ain Shams Title: Performance and stability of some sugarcane clones for earliness, yield and yield components in [2008]
PHD, Egypt, Ain Shams Title: Family Selection in SugarCane Populations as Affected by Genotypes X Environments Interaction in [2015]
Scientific Progress
Assistant Researcher in Sugar Crops Research Institute (SCRI) [01/09/2012]
Researcher in Sugar Crops Research Institute (SCRI) [14/04/2017]
Master Thesis:
PhD Thesis: