Abd alla Mahmoud Hassan Mohamed
Affiliation Field Crops Research Institute (FCRI)
Department Forage Research
Research station Field Crops Research Stations
Station name
Work Telephones 25698554 - 02 - 35731813 - 02
Awarded Degrees
Degree BSc, Egypt, El zaqaziq in [1980]
Masters, Egypt, El zaqaziq Title: Respones of peanut to some agronomic applications in [1994]
PHD, Egypt, El zaqaziq Title: Effect of some treatments on napier grass and its hybrids with pear millet under newly cultivated soil conditions in [2001]
Current degree
Degree PHD, Egypt, El zaqaziq in [2001]
Scientific Progress
Specialist in Field Crops Research Institute (FCRI) [30/06/1983]