Middle Delta

About Us

Middle Delta Regional Res Station includes three Crops Res. stations i.e Gemmeiza Agric Res Stn, Itay El-Barood Stn. and Sirs Ellian Res Stn. Located at Gharbia, Behera and Menoufia.
Governrates, respectively. In addition to Gemmeiza Animal production stn .. and tow experimental adminstrations located in Gharbia and Menoufia Govenrates. Total stuff members 1127 between Researchers, Adric Specialists, Technicans, Adminisrators, Labours and workers.
Middle Delta Regional Station carry out the plane of the plane of the Agric .Res. Center in Fields Agric. Research, Extension, traning, Base seed production, improving animal production and solve any Agric. prplems in the Middle Delta Region.