Burg El-Arab

About Us

Animal production research station has existing in theold Borg El-Arab city with the coast northern western. It is from Alexandria city interval fifty kilometer and range three kilometer from the mediterranean coast. The area range approximately 27 acre. The cornerstone of astation is trying to ensure an adequate supply of safe information and good quality of product at an affordable price to the youngster,that in the seaside northern western region, El- hamam, El-Roysat belonging to Alexandria and Matrouh governorates (Along 480 Km).In the other wide, Providing services to the village of youngster and breeders in western Nobaria, Bangar El- Sokar belonging to Behira governorate.
Belong to the Department of Breeding Research Sheep and goat follow Animal Production Research Institute, includes the following strains:
* Barki sheep's (local strain)
* Awassi sheep's (foreign strain)
* Barki goats (local strain)
* Damascus goats (foreign strain)
* cross breed damascus with barki goats
* with total numbers of breed are about 520 animals.
Belong to the Department of breeding Research poultry follow animal production research institute, includes the following strains:
* leghorn hens (foreign strain)
* Matzoth hens (local strain)devised this type in Borg El- Arab Animal production research staation by cross breed between leghorn strainX doki 4strains.
* Bahyge Hens (local strain) devised this type in Borg El-Arab Animal production research station by ctoss breed between Alexandrian strainx silver montaza strains.
* With total numbers of animal breed are about 2500 animals.
Rabbits Branch :
Belong to the Department of Breeding Research rabbits water fowls and Turkey follow animal production Research Institute, includes the following strains:
* New Zealand
* California
* Black Balady (local strain)
Research Unit of agricultural guidance:
Belong to Agriculture Guidance Institute, includes the following sections:
* Rationalization of rural women.
* Indicative inspections
* Planning and implementation of guidance programs