PhD Thesis      [Total: 25 ]

دراسه تحليليه للعماله الزراعيه فى مصر

Sayida Amer, 2007


The economics of new technology application in Egyptian agricultural and its effect on rural development

Wafaa Mohamed Hussin, 2007


The study aims at achievement the flowing goals identifying the agricultural technological methods in Egypt. Its elements of transfer and its evolution

An analytical study of methods used for agricultural production statistical estimation in A.R.E

Mohamed El Kader, 2006


The study includes five chapters, the first chapters the study problem, objections, the methodology, and review previous studies related to the study, the second chapter addressed the concepts statistical methods of assuming agricultural production in Egypt. The fourth chapter evaluates the methods used in agriculture production estimates, the fifth chapter suggested some regression models used in agricultural predicator the most results of this study were the productivity of the major crops was showed a significance increase in wheat, summer rice, summer maize, cotton, winter onion and sugar beat. it has noticed that wheat, onion, rice and maize are not affected by the climate and biological factor which cotton and beet are affected by it, the percentage of the difference between the confidence limited for the perdition in 2001 for the different crops was between 0.914 for rice and 3.6% for cotton and the confidence limited were between 0.38% for are and 2.4% for rice in 2010 some predictor methods for livestock using the number of slaughters animal, it was found a continuous significant increase in the number of slaughters and the total number in each of buffalos, cows and goats, as for the percentage of slaughters was a significant increased in tit the product quantity of red meat price using time series analyses by ARIMA models. It was appeared that the seasonal changes in the different types of meat have a great effect in the beginning of the year and become less in the lost three months, it expected an increase in the price in 2008 for the different types of the red meat by 13.49% and 22.25% for veal meat and between 20.04 and 20.12% for calves meat and between 23.02% and 23.43% for million meat.

Future of Egyptian agricultural foreign trade in light of recent international economic changes

Fahmy Mohamed Madkour, 2006


Effectiveness of export institutions for some agricultural commodities in Egypt

Ahmed Mohamed Hassanein, 2005


The study contains on introduction and six chapters, the first chapter deals with the overview of literature, the second discusses the role of some important export institutions, the third deals with the evaluations of economic performance for some export instructions, the fourth has concentrated on the infrastructure problems, the fifth deals with economic evaluation for foreign trade and the lat one has discussed the foreign market

Some environmental and economical that effect on export some fruit

Abeer Kamel, 2004


اثر انتشار التكنولوجيا المعاصرة على سمات الطبقات الاجتماعية (دراسة حالة فى قريتين بمحافظة الجيزة)

Abdallah Mohamed Farghall, 2004


• The relation between social classes and their traits was of great concern to the scholars of social stratification. So it is to say that if the social class of an individual or a group is well defined in a certain society, then it is possible at a high degree of accuracy to infere his or their traits in this society.

Evaluation of farmer's performance in the new communities

Alaa Eldain Elshabrawy, 2003


The problem of the study in the instability of land reclamation policies. The study aims to evaluate the technical and economic efficiency. The study contains six chapters; deals with the introduction, problem of the study, second chapter deals with the evaluation of land reclamation policies.

An economic study for Egyptian agricultural exports under the world economic changes

Khaled El-anany, 2002


Major objectives of this study are figuring out the major exports, analysis of progress deterioration and shedding some light on the new agreement of Egyptian European partnership moreover, the study focus on the competitiveness situation of the agricultural exports in the European market.

Efficiency of human labor input in the Egyptian Agricultural sector

emad shehata, 2002


The study estimated the efficiency of human labor input, the demand and supply for labor were estimated in the agricultural sector, also the forecasting of labor, in the future, and determination the demand on labor in the shade of cropped pattern in the Egyptian Agriculture.