Master Thesis      [Total: 20 ]

The effects of GATT agreement on the Egyptian agricultural foreign trade

Fahmy Mohamed Madkour, 2000


Economics of oil seed crops in Egypt

Khaled El-anany, 1998


The study includes four parts plus the introduction problem of the study, objective of study and source of the collected data. The first part covers the references review of the previous studies related to economics of oil seed crops production in Egypt, the second part focus on analyzing the current status of edible oils production and consumption Egypt. The third part handles the issue of economic analysis for major edible oil seed crops in Egypt eventually the study has been concluded by the summary and conclusion.

المشاركة الشعبية فى مشروعات تنمية الثروة الحيوانية بمحافظة الجيزة

Abdallah Mohamed Farghall, 1998


• Success of livestock development projects as other development projects depends on the popular participation in it. So this research aimed to study popular participation in four kinds of the most common livestock development projects in Giza governorate.

The impact of the major local and international variables on the prices of major crops in Egypt

Abeer Kamel, 1997


He study the price policy and the importance of the price in the economical structure the local price policy for the most important agricultural crops. Deals with the price indicators and their effects on farmers decisions, and indicators policy on the alternative of the agricultural variables on the Egyptian agriculture.

Marketing efficiency of rice in Egypt

Ahmed Mohamed Hassanein, 1997


The study contained four chapters, the first one deals with the theatrical frame and review of literature, the second chapter discussed the factors affecting rice production, the third chapter analyzed the rice marketing system. Finally the fourth chapter deals with the estimation of marketing system at the study sample level.

Supply response for some field crops

emad shehata, 1996


The study estimated the supply response for 10 field crops, also the nominal and effective protection coefficients were calculated, the results showed responsive the crops to the farm prices and net return per Fadden.

An Analytical study of the problems facing developement of Egyptian village

Mahmoud saad, 1994


Rural development organizations are facing various problems that may hinder their proposed role. This research is a scientific trial to investigate the main problems facing rural development organization. the research aimed at identifying these problems through studying sufficiency of the role and efficiency of these organizations.

Integrated rural development in North Sinai

Khaled Salem, 1993


• The thesis aimed to study the natural and human resources in the governorate, study the available agricultural projects and the possibilities of vertical integrated between them, study the rural institutions and organizations, besides study the rural institutions and organizations, besides to acquaint the current cropping batten.

An economic study of foreign and joint financing agricultural activities.

Khaled Salem, 1993


This study has aimed to study the magnitude of both foreign and joint financing of the agricultural sector during the last ten gears.

Economics of irrigation water utilization

Hafiz Dowidar, 1993


The research recommends the necessity of reconsidering function calculation in order to gain the ideal crop contracture which achieve an increase in the revenue coming out of one unit of area of land.